Mandy's Philosophy

Physical, emotional, and mental well-being cannot be seen as mutually exclusive in any species.  This is the cornerstone to the methodologies employed by Mandy. 

  Behavior can only be seen as a reaction to a stimuli, it is not usually a conscious choice.  This belief has lead Mandy down a path to increased understanding and recognition of bio-mechanics and posture.  

  When a horse is out of balance physically, the horse tends to be imbalanced emotionally and mentally as well.  When you can improve physical balance in horses, the mental and emotional balance tends to follow. Using a combination of the Tellington TTouch groundwork and bodywork along with Connected Riding exercises helps to improve horse’s dynamic balance.  This allows for the release of tension patterns, and creates positive postural habits, which are then transferred under saddle and into a positive change in behaviour.   

  Improvement of posture improves function, it is a bio-mechanic fact, however how you achieve this posture is fundamental.  Drawing from a large tool box, Mandy does not abide by the policy of increasing pressure to push a horse through a difficult exercise.  Instead, she will “chunk” the exercise down, as to ensure understanding, acceptance, and long term learning. 

  As important as the horse’s posture, is that of the rider.  Drawing on her knowledge that is continually expanded from her riding mentor, Peggy Cummings, as well as Robyn Hood and Linda Tellington-Jones, Mandy helps riders understand and feel, how to ride all four of their horses legs, with internal subtleties, and bio-mechanically correct use of the aids. 

"What immediately strikes one about Mandy is her calmness. We respond to that and so do the horses. She is then able to take this attitude and access your horse’s state of affairs. With her vast experience with many different horses, she is able to put them through their paces and identify what needs to be worked on... Both we and our horses are able to feel safe to make the necessary adjustments and thus provide us all with amazing results. "   

 - Romy (Calgary, AB)